Chart of the Week: Should Palin Run for President?

WASHINGTON.  Black Leather.  Dark shades.  Combat  half-helmet.  Riding crop. Okay, maybe this reporter imagined that last one.  But this reporter’s brain is filled with many images.

No, not those.  Think “Mission Accomplished.”  Think John Kerry windsurfing.   Think, I don’t know, Jump the Shark!

After gun-toting photos and Sarah Palin’s Alaska, it was pretty much  inevitable that we would eventually be graced with the motorcycle photo-op.  Next week, look for a banjo.

But is she running or not?

This week’s chart shows that there are at least two constituencies looking forward to a Sarah Palin 2012 run.  And, while not shown on the chart, polling reveals that 100% of sitting U.S. Presidents are also looking forward to a Palin campaign.

Do You Want to See Sarah Palin Run for President in 2012

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