Deconstructing the Debt Crisis Meeting Remarks

WASHINGTON D.C. With the debt ceiling deadline fast approaching, President Barack Obama called Congressional leaders to a meeting at the White House today. As expected, both sides have issued statements about the meeting and the progress made.

” protect the wealth of the wealthiest Americans”

As is standard for politicians, the statements include encoded messages to constituencies and–most important in election times–to donors.

We are left to parse the post-meeting remarks by both sides to find out what really happened.

Here is SWP’s translation of the meeting remarks.

WHAT WAS SAID: Obama said it was a “very constructive debt-crisis session.”
TRANSLATION: We finished on time, and lunch was tasty.

Are their lips moving?

Are their lips moving?

WHAT WAS SAID: House Speaker John Boehner said: “We had a conversation. It was productive.”
TRANSLATION: My salmon was overcooked.

WHAT WAS SAID:  “People were frank,” Obama said.
TRANSLATION: I almost drowned in the Bullshit.

WHAT WAS SAID: “We’ll be glad to talk loopholes,” said  Eric Cantor, R-Va
Hey, Top 1%, your money is safe with me.

WHAT WAS SAID: The president said, “pain will be involved politically on all sides.”
TRANSLATION: If I go down, I’m taking you with me.

WHAT WAS SAID: “I think it’s a plausible and reasonable idea,” said Rep. Rob Andrews, D-N.J.
TRANSLATION: Over my dead body.

WHAT WAS SAID: “Republicans who want to protect the wealth of the wealthiest Americans.”
TRANSLATION: Republicans who want to protect the wealth of the wealthiest Americans.

WHAT WAS SAID: “… doesn’t slash benefits,” said Obama spokesman Jay Carney
TRANSLATIONCasey Anthony is guilty.