OCD Organization Still Unable to Get Conference Started

SAN DIEGO, CA. The International OCD Federation has been trying to hold it’s first annual conference since 1986. Their conference would be the only national meeting focused solely on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and OC related disorders. But they have failed for years to get it started. This year’s conference is slated to start here on Friday."I'll be right there"

The conference chairperson was last seen re-tying her shoes. The keynote speaker is circling the parking lot looking for the person he may have hit-and-run. Many registered attendees are still at home re-checking their luggage for a toothbrush.

For more information on the conference, circle your table three times, check that all your appliances are off, make sure that window is locked, check it again, once more, then browse to the conference site. Or get a mug, here.