Is This Thing On? Romney Pre-Debate Comments Captured on Bootleg Video

“… They’re both old, and gross, but that dude is extra creepy”

AMES IA. High School Senior Jacob Saltzman, on a field trip with his Social Studies class, may have captured the story of the year on his smart phone during the dress rehearsal for last Thursday night’s GOP debate. His grainy footage captures the GOP frontrunner apparently trying to rattle Bachman with some off the wall comments.

romney bachman debate

"GRRRrrrrr ... you bring out the beast in me"

Romney threw out several sotto voce zingers, including, “You don’t look crazy to me but I’d like to go crazy on you.” When that got no response, he tried again with “All your husband has to do to turn those gay guys straight is have you parade around his office in that skirt.” When Bachman continued to pointedly ignore his comments, he asked if she would like to be his “vice” president.  His final try was “these podiums make me feel like I’m on Jeopardy, but frankly the only thing in jeopardy right now is my marriage.  But seriously, I’m glad this podium is here right now, if you catch my drift.”

Saltzman’s take on the situation:  “They’re both old, and gross, but that dude is extra creepy—I think he had his hand in his pants the whole time.”

The Romney campaign released a statement which read:  “Governor Romney denies these allegations in the strongest possible terms. This video is obviously doctored. We’d also like to point out that several of the other candidates on the dais at that time are skilled ventriloquists, not that we would ever cast doubt on another candidate’s personal integrity. But seriously, don’t those things sound more like Gingrich. We’re just saying … or are we?”

“… I’m glad this podium is here right now, if you catch my drift.”

The Bachman campaign released a statement which read in part: “Who is Milt Runway?”

Bill Clinton, interviewed on CNN radio, remarked, “How come all the hot chicks are always Republicans? Are you feeling my pain? What, are we on the air? I mean, aside from my beautiful wife Hillary. Make no mistake, there’s no place for demeaning sexism in electoral politics. I mean, once you get elected … wait, I gotta go. I told you all not to call when she’s here.”