Monthly Archive: November, 2011

SWP Investigates: Capster Poised to Overturn the Car Industry

DETROIT MI (SWP): The music industry was re-tuned by Napster and iTunes. Bit Torrent panned the the movie industry. Now the car industry–long the bane of car buyers everywhere–is facing a remodel of… Continue reading

Mitt Romney To Hire Obama Impersonator For Ads

BOSTON, MA (SWP): Not satisfied with pulling quotes and sound bites completely out of context, the Romney campaign admitted today that they are planning to hire a celebrity impersonator to take their ads… Continue reading

Thanks For The Warning

WASHINGTON D.C (SWP): The Obama Administration, in conjunction with the FDA, today provided warning letters to over 1,200 retailers warning them against selling cigarettes to children. “This administration is committed to keeping kids… Continue reading

Mor(e)on Politics: Rick Perry Diagnosed with Rare Neurological Disorder

AUSTIN TX (SWP): Dr. Harold Krumpman, Dean of Psychology at the University of Texas, leaned forward in his recliner Wednesday night and focused intently on Rick Perry as he stumbled in the Republican… Continue reading

Close Call. Next Time Not So Lucky?

PASADENA CA (SWP): In the aftermath of a close call from asteroid 2005 YU55, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are frantically checking their math as the asteroid 2003 QQ47 hurtles toward… Continue reading

Floundering Apple Tries to Repeat Magic of Returning Founder

CUPERTINO, CA (SWP): With the loss of it’s iconic leader (Steve Jobs) and the bitter dissappointment of the iPhone 4S, Apple, Inc. finds itself in what must feel like 1996 all over again.… Continue reading

Greeks Tired of Taking it up the Ass

ATHENS, Greece (SWP): Greece’s prime minister Wednesday called for a referendum on a hard-fought European debt deal, despite anger from abroad, market turmoil across the world and dissent from within his own party.… Continue reading