Monthly Archive: March, 2012

NOAA Administrator: Climate Change, So Far So Good

Part One of an Ongoing SWP Series Profiling Government Agency Leaders. DULLES VA (SWP): Dr. Osgood Thigpen, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, appears to be a contented man as he… Continue reading

North Korean Rocket Launch Back On

Lead Engineer’s Bic Lighter Spouts Flame after Vigorous Shaking PYONGYANG: North Korean authorities confirmed that sufficient butane reserves were located and a satellite launch using new rocket technology has gone on as scheduled.… Continue reading

BREAKING: Mitt Romney to Endorse Rick Santorum

“Three out of four people …. said the news is making them re-think their choice” CHICAGO, Il (SWP): To prove his credentials as the Severe Conservative and to move further to right than his… Continue reading

Gingrich Blasts Obama on Daylight Savings Time

JACKSON, MS (SWP):  On the Campaign Trail: Candidate Newt Gingrich today urged Americans to ignore announcements to “Spring Forward” by changing clocks at 2am Sunday morning. Mr. Gingrich claims that Daylight Savings Time… Continue reading

GOP Candidates Agree Obama to Blame for Solar Flares

JACKSON, MS (SWP): In a rare show  of unity, all the remaining GOP candidates agree—albeit for different reasons—that the blame for the recent solar flare event falls squarely on Barack Obama. “God is angry, my… Continue reading

Clinton to World: U.S. Is Fat, Broke, Hostile—And We’re Off Our Meds

WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP):  Hillary Clinton unveiled a confrontational new foreign policy strategy today, designed to “send a message to international community that Uncle Sam is done playing.” She had specific messages for some… Continue reading