Gingrich Blasts Obama on Daylight Savings Time

JACKSON, MS (SWP):  On the Campaign Trail: Candidate Newt Gingrich today urged Americans to ignore announcements to “Spring Forward” by changing clocks at 2am Sunday morning. Mr. Gingrich claims that Daylight Savings Time “smacks of Socialism.”

“Conservative Republicans know what time it is. It’s time for Obama to try and bamboozle us with sleep deprivation, take an hour of pay away from struggling night shift workers, and put an early end to the leisure time of the many freedom loving Americans who are enjoying a two A.M. social drink.”

“… under my plan, Socialists will always be an hour early.”

The bloated speaker added, “The great state of Arizona is already on board with my plan to resist this government intrusion. And make no mistake; Obama’s alleged birth state of Hawaii is already exempt. Why is that?”

Gingrich claimed that his plan of peaceful resistance to the change will also allow Americans to “know who is a real American and who isn’t, because under my plan, Socialists will always be an hour early.”


Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you ... still feel like a nut.

He went on to state that “As a historian I know that the phrase ‘Spring Forward’ is a communist slogan used by Lenin and the other guy, the one with the poufy mustache, to urge workers to increase production. Obama is sending a message to his underground network, the true meaning of which has yet to be revealed.”

The Santorum campaign issued a terse statement when asked to comment where their candidate stood on the issue—“Ask Newt what time it is on the moon.”

Mitt Romney indicated, through a spokesperson, that he was still studying the issue: “but is committed to returning the clocks to normal on November fourth, just before the presidential election. And you can quote me that.”