Monthly Archive: July, 2012

ROM COM Lands In Poland

WARSAW (SWP): Mitt Romney’s European Tour continues today with a stopover in Poland. Romney greeted government dignitaries with a brief speech on the airport tarmac, “Pozdrowienia, dlaczego nie można blow na moje gorące kiełbasa… Continue reading

The People Speak: Mitt Romney in the London Press

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney got a dose of British wit from London media and politicians this week. Should American voters care? “To quote myself in my 2010 book that I wrote myself,… Continue reading

Scientists Find New Planet–And A Big Surprise

Important discovery is not the end of the story. ORLANDO, FL (SWP): Thirty-three light-years away, in the constellation Leo the Lion, astronomers say they have found a world considerably smaller than Earth, orbiting a… Continue reading

Vampire Hunter First in Planned Presidential Action Film Franchise

HOLLYWOOD (SWP): Reliable sources in the entertainment industry say that the recent release of the Abe Lincoln thriller is only the beginning. “Republicans … can look forward to the projected 2015 release of… Continue reading

Mummified Remains Unearthed in London Remain Unidentified

LONDON (SWP): Dr. Derek Windith, Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of London, has quite a mystery on his hands after construction workers stumbled upon an apparent ancient burial site in the… Continue reading