Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Rocky And Bullwinkle, Only You Can Save Us

The UN NYC (SWP): Today an animated Benjamin Netanyahu implored the crime fighting duo to come out of retirement to “combat the forces of Badness that are threatening our existence.”You are our only… Continue reading

Mars Rover Texts Mission Control: “What time r u coming to pick me up?”

HOUSTON TX (SWP): NASA employees met late into the night to craft a response to the unexpected message today from the aptly named Curiosity. Tensions reportedly ran high, as two engineers were overheard… Continue reading

Short Session Challenges Congress Ability To Do Nothing

“It’s counter intuitive,” says Speaker, “but it’s harder to do nothing in a short session, than in a long session” WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP): The fall session leading up to the November election will challenge Congress’… Continue reading

Romney: Am I Better Off Than Four Years Ago? Hell Yes!

“You Know, Come To Think Of It, I Am a Helluva Lot Better Off Than I Was Four Years Ago.” —Mitt Romney CORNPONE IA: (SWP on the Campaign Trail): Romney supporters laughed nervously… Continue reading

BREAKING: Apple Sues Apple over Mobile Patents

Bold Salvo Starts New Phase in Escalating Patent War iPhone 5 Release in Jeapordy CUPERTINO, CA (SWP): In a bold move that has some legal analysts baffled, Apple Inc. has sued Apple Inc… Continue reading