Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Was Hillary Clinton Lip Synching Her Benghazi Testimony?

WASHINGTON DC (SWP): Sources attending the committee hearings today questioned the Secretary’s opening remarks, noting that on several occasions her utterances and lip movements were about as synchronized as something out of Jackie Chan’s… Continue reading

NRA Accuses Obama of Using Children as a “Human Shield”

FAIRFAX VA: NRA spokesperson Butch Kevlar released a statement today from the lobbying group’s headquarters expressing “outrage” at the level of cynicism exhibited by the president. “In arraying a group of children, parents,… Continue reading

Dicks, Trucks, and Beer: NFL Playoffs Underway

“Get thee behind me Jesus, You’re Blocking the Flat Screen.” WASHINGTON DC: Finally, America can get down to business. The annual post-holiday priority calibration is finally here: gratuitous violence, grievous bodily harm, and… Continue reading