Monthly Archive: June, 2013

July Fourth Safety Tips

WASHINGTON DC (SWP):  It’s America’s birthday and you want to have a good time.  So be sure to leave this article touting safety on the screen when your wife walks by. “Remember to… Continue reading

Last American Middle Class Family Taken into Protective Custody

President Keeps Vow to “Save the Middle Class” WASHINGTON DC (SWP): Part One of a Continuing Series U.S. Marshals scooped up Scott and Emily Johnson and their two sons, Dylan and Austin, outside… Continue reading

Critics Decry NSA Phone Records Search

WASHINGTON DC (SWP): Senator Bart Scruggles (D VA) is fighting mad about the government’s secret review of phone calls made by Verizon customers. “During the McCarthy era, when I was a freshman legislator,… Continue reading