Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Hall of Fame Says No to Yes: Theirs is no Disgrace

Band Meeting Results in Shocking Proposal CLEVELAND OH (SWP): Vocalist Jon Anderson, in a subdued press conference with Yes band mates at his side announced today that he has volunteered to die of… Continue reading

The People Speak: Indian Diplomat Paid House-worker $3.31 an Hour, Alledgedly

Was it right to arrest and strip search the diplomat for submitting false visa document for the house-worker? “I’ve killed for less. And devoured the body.” Sheila Patron, Medical Experiment Volunteer Albuquerque, New… Continue reading

Down Size Me: Results in from Fast Food Worker Action

Average American Loses Eight pounds During One Day Fast Food Strike BETHESDA MD: Dr. Randolph Cramford, Director of Nutritional Studies at the National Institutes of Health, was ready this time.  During the last… Continue reading