Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Destitute Man Delivers Message to 99 Percenters

“We can take these Guys.” BURNING PILES OKLAHOMA (SWP): Bubba Springload, unemployed since 2008, is on a mission. He’s gassing up his 1969 Impala, where he has resided for the past 3 years,… Continue reading

ENROLL OR STROLL: New Strategy for Obamacare

WASHINGTON DC (SWP): The president today unveiled a new health care push in response to ACA figures indicating that young people comprise only 24% of new health insurance enrollees. For Obamacare to work,… Continue reading

Chris Christie Blocks Cookie Aisle at Shop Rite

Lashes Out at Elderly Shopper TRENTON NJ (SWP): “Go around, I’m still deciding,” barked an unrepentant Chris Christie, his bulk ensconced in front of the Oreos at a local Shop Rite store last… Continue reading

Foolproof Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2014

PALO ALTO CA (SWP): Dr. Emilio Placebo, Professor of Reverse Psychology at Stanford University, wants to give you hope. His revolutionary self-help book, out just in time for the avalanche of New Year’s… Continue reading