Monthly Archive: July, 2014

The People Speak: Ann Coulter Thinks Real Americans Don’t Watch Soccer

Conservative person Ann Coulter posted a number of informative Tweets during the World Cup, claiming that American World Cup watchers were, “a sign of the nation’s moral decay.” “Ann Coulter? Oh, yeah. I think I heard of that guy!“ Sheila Patron, Pre-school… Continue reading

Pitt and Jolie to Adopt Border Crossing Children

HOLLYWOOD CA (SWP):  “We have plenty of room,” stated Jolie in a brief meeting with reporters outside the Department of Family Services.  “We’ll have to double up in a couple of rooms but… Continue reading

State of Emergency Declared After 16 Summer Interns Die of Complete Boredom

As hopes fade, search continues for more survivors LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): President Barack Obama responded to calls from Corporate America to declare a state of emergency, freeing up FEMA resources and funds… Continue reading