Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Career Henchmen Protest Hollywood Depictions

“When I let loose with an automatic, the pretty boy is going down, baby!”

HOLLYWOOD, CA (SWP): Saying they have a problem with the way criminals are depicted, a group of criminal’s rights activists took to the streets of Hollywood to protest and raise awareness. They want to give Hollywood execs and producers an offer they can’t refuse.


Harry Reid Vows to Act on Nomination if GOP Won’t

Threatens Senate Bake Sale; GOP Wives Furious

“It just might work,” says Congressional Watcher Sarah Bellum of the gambit. “With their husbands regularly visiting male prostitutes, these women have nothing else to live for.”

One-percent Quietly Honor Wealth Transfer Day

Country’s growing focus on income inequality puts damper on 2015 celebrations

Around the country today, wealthy Americans are quietly honoring what’s known in their circles as Wealth Transfer Day.

Actor in Erectile Dysfunction Ads Assures Fans He’s Just Acting

Ladies, I never even opened the free samples!

Paul McCartney Determined to Outlive Ringo Starr

“You think I’ve been eating like a rabbit all these years for fun?” LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): Two years Starr’s junior, McCartney has an actuarial leg up in his plan. But he’s not relying… Continue reading