Monthly Archive: July, 2016

Man Baby Trump Would Hit DNC Speakers If It Weren’t for Those Darned Bone Spurs

“I really regret that the military kept me from serving in Vietnam. You know, we would have won with me in there.”


Physiologist Proves Trump Does Indeed Have Small Hands

Confirms all the implications, if you know what we mean.

GOP Convention: Day One Recap

If no one gets killed, it’ll be a rousing success.

Republican Voters Taking a New Look at Clinton

Innately drawn toward politicians that promise one thing, but really just enrich themselves in office. CHARLESTON, SC (SWP): Confusion about Donald Trump’s true intentions and his here-today-gone-tomorrow conservative principles are leading many conservative… Continue reading

Drivers Who Can’t Make Left Turns Costing Billions

Making a left at the light has become a lost art. LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): There’s a crisis in this country with a potentially bigger economic impact than rising healthcare costs. And nobody… Continue reading

Boy Cleans Dishes Without Being Asked in Attempt to Knock Parents Off Guard

Standoff enters third day