Alt-Middle Struggles to Get Noticed

LEBANON, KS (SWP): “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated,” said James “James” Smith.

James Smith

Smith is the mild-mannered organizer of the movement known — pretty much only to it’s few participants — as the alt-middle.

And they have an influence problem: they have none.

“We played a giant role in Charlottesville last week. We were all over it. Would anyone know it? Not if they listen to the media. Left or Right,” said Smith.

Just what does the alt-middle stand for? According to Smith, they offer a middle voice that counter-balances the prevailing centrist views.

A typical centrist believes in a balanced budget. The alt-middle calls for a balanced budget.

Mainstream centrists have traditional values with a tolerance for alternatives values. The alt-middle espouses traditional values with tolerance for alternative values.

Conventional centrists don’t want special interests in politics. The alt-middle … oh, jeez, you get it.

Still, the alt-middle is fed up with the status-quo. “We are the extreme middle.”

Could that be part of the problem?

“Being the ‘extreme middle’ basically means ‘middle,'” said Dr. Sarah Bellum, a political scientist who studies extreme movements.

“Being so balanced that you disappear into an infinitesimal point is a bit of a PR problem.”

“It’s a shame,” says Smith. “We really have the answers to this country’s problems.”