The Space Shuttle Program: A Look Backward and Forward

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL. Better golf clubs, nerf footballs, and improved special effects in movies. These are some of the amazing benefits of the NASA Space Shuttle program, officially called the Space Transportation System… Continue reading

The People Speak: Lance Armstrong and Doping

Is Lance Armstrong Lying About Doping? Cycling is for pussies! James Johnson, Florist Key West, FL But he’s such a strapping young lad! Marie du l’Puff, Baker Paris, France You lookin’ to score… Continue reading

SWP Investigates: Eur-eeeeek-a! NIH animal research investigated

BETHESDA, MD.   Auditors at the General Accounting Office (GAO) had a few questions for National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists Thursday after receiving an anonymous tip about a tax payer funded research… Continue reading

Obama’s Unscheduled Trip to China: “We settle our debts right here and now.”

BEIJING.  President Obama flew from Andrews Air Force Base to the Chinese capital late Wednesday night with a new weapon in his briefcase-a table tennis paddle.  Vowing to win back the approximately one… Continue reading

Tiger Woods’ Moment Of Truth

HOUSTON.  For many guys, Tiger Woods’ combination of fame, wealth, beautiful wife, gorgeous girlfriends, talent–not to mention a pretty good golf swing–would be a dream come true.  But Tiger Woods was ready to… Continue reading

Congress Ends Tense Week: They Were ‘This’ Close to Doing Something

WASHINGTON D.C. A number of Representatives and a handful of Senators up for re-election in 2012 are breathing a sigh of relief this weekend as both houses of Congress narrowly escaped accomplishing something.… Continue reading

The People Speak: Obama’s “Arab World” Speech

What did you think of President Obama’s speech addressing the Arab world? “His strong words about democratic societies — including references to the “inalienable rights” of all people in all places — were… Continue reading

Pakistan: “We had our own raid planned for Tuesday.”

ISLAMABAD.  Pakistan’s military and intelligence agency claim they were ready with a raid of their own, planned for what turned out to be the day after a U.S. raid on the compound of… Continue reading

Memo of “Gingrich for President” Slogan Session Leaked

HARRISBURG, PA.  A nearly bankrupt newspaper here and several other news outlets around the county are claiming to have possession of an internal campaign memo from the Newt Gingrich campaign. The memo summarizes results from… Continue reading

Scientists Build Composite “Face of Nastiness”

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK.  Osama bin Laden may be the “face of evil” to many, but he’s not the Face of Nastiness. Today Scientists announced the results of groundbreaking research in the emerging field… Continue reading