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Destitute Man Delivers Message to 99 Percenters

“We can take these Guys.” BURNING PILES OKLAHOMA (SWP): Bubba Springload, unemployed since 2008, is on a mission. He’s gassing up his 1969 Impala, where he has resided for the past 3 years,… Continue reading

Banks Save The World?

FRANKFURT, Germany (SWP):  The world’s largest central banks joined forces to stem the mounting financial crisis and save life as we know it. Or did they? We’re told that a financial melt-down larger than the… Continue reading

Local Man Racks Up Massive Credit Debt During Out of Body Experience

MADISON, WI. “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” says Jake “Woody” Speers.  “I’m ruined.  This is like a bad joke.”  But the credit card companies don’t see it that way. He—or… Continue reading