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Chinese Hackers Appalled, Depressed

Hack Shack suffers high turnover rate “… U.S. [workers] spend 90% work day forwarding cat video, argue where go for lunch, and try find if new office assistant single” BEIJING (SWP): Well-placed international… Continue reading

Lost in Translation: Violence Erupts on the Court

“… I don’t think we have anything to worry about in the superpower department” BEIJING. The game between Georgetown University Hoyas and the Bayi Rockets was advertised as a “friendly” match, but a… Continue reading

Obama’s Unscheduled Trip to China: “We settle our debts right here and now.”

BEIJING.  President Obama flew from Andrews Air Force Base to the Chinese capital late Wednesday night with a new weapon in his briefcase-a table tennis paddle.  Vowing to win back the approximately one… Continue reading