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GOP Convention: Day One Recap

If no one gets killed, it’ll be a rousing success.


Marco Rubio Went Live with Unproven Firmware Upgrade

Engineers worried about lack of testing for new Attack 2.0 module. DALLAS, TX (SWP): Attacking Donald Trump at a rally in Dallas, one day after the latest Republican debate, Rubio further exercised his… Continue reading

Scott Walker to Spend Day in Block of Ice

Republican candidates fighting Trump for share of news cycle. NEW YORK, NY (SWP): As Republican candidates vie for a share of voice against Donald Trump, they are increasingly being forced to up the… Continue reading

Chris Christie Blocks Cookie Aisle at Shop Rite

Lashes Out at Elderly Shopper TRENTON NJ (SWP): “Go around, I’m still deciding,” barked an unrepentant Chris Christie, his bulk ensconced in front of the Oreos at a local Shop Rite store last… Continue reading

Gov. Christie Opposes Donut Tax

TRENTON, NJ (SWP): Governor Chris Christie is on the talk show circuit voicing strong concerns about his state legislature’s new proposal to tax unhealthy foods to balance the state budget. Lawmakers, taking a… Continue reading

States Under Siege: New Jersey Selling Out The Boss

TRENTON, NJ. Governer Chris Christie, ever the trendsetter–think political fashion statements–has some tricks up his sleeve.  As states across the country struggle with record deficits that are threatening to cause a “double-dip” recession,… Continue reading