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Boehner and Obama Agree to Raise Taxes on Each Other

Both To Take Second Jobs WASHINGTON DC (SWP): The President and the Speaker emerged from talks at the White House and gave a joint statement on the lawn. “In the spirit of bipartisanship,… Continue reading

House Druid Caucus Sticks Together On Debt Debate

WASHINGTON D.C. There’s been a lot of attention this week on the South Carolina Representatives and their prayer meetings over the debt ceiling debate. This group—Rep. Jeff Duncan, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Rep. Mick… Continue reading

Republicans and Democrats Agree: Debt Limit Crisis is Fault of One Man

WASHINGTON D.C. They don’t agree on much these days. But the Obama administration and Congressional Republicans have agreed on one thing. The blame for this debt limit crisis is clearly on the shoulders… Continue reading

Point-Counterpoint: How to Solve The Debt Crisis?

POINT By James Bates Jr., Madison High Valedictorian, Class of 2011 and obnoxiously gifted 15-year old video gaming entrepreneur  The Debt Problem? Too Many Old People! There are too many old people. Or more precisely, too much… Continue reading

Deconstructing the Debt Crisis Meeting Remarks

WASHINGTON D.C. With the debt ceiling deadline fast approaching, President Barack Obama called Congressional leaders to a meeting at the White House today. As expected, both sides have issued statements about the meeting… Continue reading