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Drivers Who Can’t Make Left Turns Costing Billions

Making a left at the light has become a lost art. LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): There’s a crisis in this country with a potentially bigger economic impact than rising healthcare costs. And nobody… Continue reading

Tired Truck Driver Really Looking Forward to Cross Country Vacation Road Trip

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (SWP): “I could really use the downtime,” said Carl Bonkowski via cellphone. He has been on the road for most of the last six months. He has criss-crossed the country at least… Continue reading

Dad Forgets Family in Car, Picks Nose for a Good Twenty Miles

“Yeah. I did it. And I’m not ashamed of it.” DEARBORN, MI (SWP): Archibald “Archie” O’Rahilly usually makes the trek along I-94 by himself. Maybe that’s why, about 10 miles into a today’s… Continue reading