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Destitute Man Delivers Message to 99 Percenters

“We can take these Guys.” BURNING PILES OKLAHOMA (SWP): Bubba Springload, unemployed since 2008, is on a mission. He’s gassing up his 1969 Impala, where he has resided for the past 3 years,… Continue reading

College Grads Moving Back Home? Not so Fast

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, AUSTIN TX (SWP): Don Gabble, a fifth year senior business major, recalls hearing a knock on his dorm room door at about two in the afternoon one day last month.… Continue reading

Economist: We Just Make It Up As We Go

EVANSTON, IL Fell short of economist’s estimates. Economists were surprised. Higher than economists expected. We hear those phrases a lot in the news.  Do you ever wonder why economists are always surprised when the… Continue reading

Americans Flee as Economy Hits Bottom

LAREDO TX.  Mexican citizen Hector Ruiz was crawling through an unguarded culvert along the Texas -Mexico border last week when he ran into an unusual obstacle- a desperate and hungry Texas family coming… Continue reading

Point-Counterpoint: How to Solve The Debt Crisis?

POINT By James Bates Jr., Madison High Valedictorian, Class of 2011 and obnoxiously gifted 15-year old video gaming entrepreneur  The Debt Problem? Too Many Old People! There are too many old people. Or more precisely, too much… Continue reading

Our America: In Grayson County, Virginia, They Are Hoping Crime Pays

Governors from 34 states responded sympathetically to a recent Washington Post story which chronicled the disappointment of Grayson County, Virginia residents to a promised economic boon based on the theory that crime pays… Continue reading