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Trump: Obama and Clinton Traveled Through Time and Caused Great Depression of the 1930s

I have many friends, good friends, who told me. Many people are talking about it. I mean look, we’re talking about it right now. All of us. Thousands of people. In a room. It must be true.


Man Baby Trump Would Hit DNC Speakers If It Weren’t for Those Darned Bone Spurs

“I really regret that the military kept me from serving in Vietnam. You know, we would have won with me in there.”

GOP Convention: Day One Recap

If no one gets killed, it’ll be a rousing success.

Donald Trump Endorses Sarah Palin Right Back

The Donald looks forward to a big boost from Palin. AMES IA (SWP): Sarah Palin, the Tea Party favorite former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, endorsed Donald J. Trump in… Continue reading

Scott Walker to Spend Day in Block of Ice

Republican candidates fighting Trump for share of news cycle. NEW YORK, NY (SWP): As Republican candidates vie for a share of voice against Donald Trump, they are increasingly being forced to up the… Continue reading

Donald Trump Rising in Polls among Rapists

Has a great relationship with the Rapists NEW YORK, NY (SWP) “I have a great relationship with Rapists,” the real-estate mogul turned aspiring president said in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday. “I… Continue reading

Jeb Bush Considers Image Change

“From now on he’ll be known simply as, Jeb.” CORAL GABLES, FL (SWP): After extensive polling, says David Kochel senior strategist for Mr. Bush’s political action committee, the budding campaign has determined that its potential candidate… Continue reading

Willard Mitt Romney Said To Be Despondent After Loss

Even Mitt’s favorite game of  “Pin the $100 Bill on the Laid Off Worker” hasn’t brought him out of his funk BOSTON, MA (SWP): Mitt Romney is sad. His family thought familiar tasks… Continue reading

Romney Rushed to Hospital with Suspected Hernia

Relief Event Results in No Relief for Candidate KETTERING OH (SWP): Mitt Romney was rushed to a local hospital yesterday after injuring himself lifting a case of drinking water during a staged photo… Continue reading

Romney: Am I Better Off Than Four Years Ago? Hell Yes!

“You Know, Come To Think Of It, I Am a Helluva Lot Better Off Than I Was Four Years Ago.” —Mitt Romney CORNPONE IA: (SWP on the Campaign Trail): Romney supporters laughed nervously… Continue reading