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House Passes 11th Hour Bill to Fund House

Nation avoids complete breakdown of society WASHINGTON D. C. (SWP): With all the attention given to funding the Department of Homeland Security, many Americans did not even realize that they and the whole globe… Continue reading

Congress Eager for New Session of Getting Nothing Done

Both parties look forward to improved bi-partisan cooperation on doing nothing WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP): Fresh from an election that emphatically punctuated voter dissatisfaction with a gridlocked Washington, lawmakers are eager to get through the current lame-duck… Continue reading

House Republicans Finally Explain Lack of Productivity

“It was like something out of a 1960s science fiction television series that chronicles the adventures of a starship crew” WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP): The Republican-controlled House is on pace to pass the fewest bills in a… Continue reading

House Druid Caucus Sticks Together On Debt Debate

WASHINGTON D.C. There’s been a lot of attention this week on the South Carolina Representatives and their prayer meetings over the debt ceiling debate. This group—Rep. Jeff Duncan, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Rep. Mick… Continue reading