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Jeb, Choking on Own Vomit, Endorses Cruz

I can’t believe it’s come to this.” DEEP IN JEB’S WORST NIGHTMARE (SWP): Choking on his own vomit, former presidential candidate Jeb Bush endorsed former rival, Ted Cruz, in last minute gambit by… Continue reading

Marco Rubio Went Live with Unproven Firmware Upgrade

Engineers worried about lack of testing for new Attack 2.0 module. DALLAS, TX (SWP): Attacking Donald Trump at a rally in Dallas, one day after the latest Republican debate, Rubio further exercised his… Continue reading

Jeb Bush Considers Image Change

“From now on he’ll be known simply as, Jeb.” CORAL GABLES, FL (SWP): After extensive polling, says David Kochel senior strategist for Mr. Bush’s political action committee, the budding campaign has determined that its potential candidate… Continue reading