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Donald Trump Rising in Polls among Rapists

Has a great relationship with the Rapists NEW YORK, NY (SWP) “I have a great relationship with Rapists,” the real-estate mogul turned aspiring president said in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday. “I… Continue reading

Mexico Adds “Narco-Tours” To Wary North of the Border Tourists

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (SWP): Carlos Limon, Deputy Minister of Tourism, introduced new travel packages today designed to address the concerns of U.S tourists wary of traveling south of the border. “We want visitors… Continue reading

Americans Flee as Economy Hits Bottom

LAREDO TX.  Mexican citizen Hector Ruiz was crawling through an unguarded culvert along the Texas -Mexico border last week when he ran into an unusual obstacle- a desperate and hungry Texas family coming… Continue reading