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Trump Triples Down on North Korea Threats

What we have here are two psychopathic leaders involved in an escalating ego dispute that can’t end well for humanity.


Kim Jong Un Calls out Obama in Video

Supreme Leader Inspired by West Side Story PYONGYANG (SWP): North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un surprised experts again today by releasing a video on his country’s news programming in which he seems to… Continue reading

North Korean “Manchurian Baby” Attacks President

WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP): Grainy surveillance footage from Oval Office security cameras captured the shocking footage of a highly skilled infant assassin brandishing a razor sharp ninja binky giving chase to the president early… Continue reading

North Korean Rocket Launch Back On

Lead Engineer’s Bic Lighter Spouts Flame after Vigorous Shaking PYONGYANG: North Korean authorities confirmed that sufficient butane reserves were located and a satellite launch using new rocket technology has gone on as scheduled.… Continue reading