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The People Speak: Trump’s Secret Dinner Meeting

Putin? I thought that was that German guy, Angela something?


Pope Emeritus Benedict Planning Putin-esque Return Campaign

Francis: “I’m no Medvedev” VATICAN CITY (SWP): Pope Emeritus Benedict may be setting the stage for a comeback next spring, according to papal watchers around the globe. And he appears to be using the successful public relations… Continue reading

Obama Invites Putin to “Weed Summit”

Says need to “hash out” Ukraine standoff WASHINGTON DC (SWP): President Obama, harkening back to the controversial “Beer Summit” early in his first term, is again looking to a low key confab to… Continue reading

Underperforming Russian Athletes Make Themselves Scarce after Putin’s Invitation to “Consolation Lunch”

From Russia with Love SOCHI, RUSSIA (SWP): NHL superstar and Russian National Alexander Ovechkin boarded a plane for the U.S. shortly after the Russian Olympic hockey team was eliminated from medal contention. Passengers… Continue reading

Merkel Phone Taps: The Banality of Eavesdropping

MUNICH (SWP): Transcripts of Angela Merkel’s phone conversations obtained exclusively by SWP have so far provided no earth shattering revelations, unless you have an interest in her habitual Friday night Pizza Hut delivery… Continue reading

Snowden Agrees To Putin Deal

“Debug My PC and You Can Meet the Chicks in Pussy Riot” MOSCOW (SWP):  Edward Snowden has found a home, at least for a year, following occasionally tense negotiations at the back booth… Continue reading