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Apple Confirms Artificial Steve Jobs Ran Company

CUPERTINO, CA (SWP): In a story that seems right out of the pages of a science fiction novel, a recent crisis of epic proportions has forced Apple, Inc. to acknowledge that Steve Jobs had… Continue reading

Floundering Apple Tries to Repeat Magic of Returning Founder

CUPERTINO, CA (SWP): With the loss of it’s iconic leader (Steve Jobs) and the bitter dissappointment of the iPhone 4S, Apple, Inc. finds itself in what must feel like 1996 all over again.… Continue reading

Latest “Twitter-Gate”: Steve Jobs Admits Disgusted With iPad2

CUPERTINO, CA. It seems even technology visionaries can suffer from scandalous user error. Steve Jobs, founder and re-inventor of Apple Inc. (AAPL: -200%) has been caught up in his own public Twitter-Gate. A post meant… Continue reading