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Banks Save The World?

FRANKFURT, Germany (SWP):  The world’s largest central banks joined forces to stem the mounting financial crisis and save life as we know it. Or did they? We’re told that a financial melt-down larger than the… Continue reading

Wall Street Amused With Protesters

NEW YORK, NY.  Protests here and in other cities are finally starting to have an effect. But probably not what the protesters intended. “‘Let them eat cake’ … Geez, you don’t know how… Continue reading

Investing In The Face of a Double Dip

WALL STREET, NY. It’s been a wild week on Wall Street and in markets around the globe. These are tough seas for investors to navigate. After Treasuries are downgraded, the “Smart Money” still… Continue reading

The People Speak: Bonuses For Wall Street Bankers

Do you think Wall Street bankers will get large bonuses this year? Yeah, I got my brokers bonus right here! James Johnson, Pet Groomer Key West, FL I told my idiot of a… Continue reading