Monthly Archive: December, 2011

Small Winged Potatoes Names Person of the Year

LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): In the world’s most anticipated year-end event, Small Winged Potatoes has announced the winner of its 2011 Person of the Year: Alec Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin did not win for… Continue reading

U.S. Military Agrees to Make Predator Drones Commercially Available

ARLINGTON VA (SWP): Pentagon officials announced today that they have contracted with Boeing to begin manufacturing Predator Drones for private use. “With this partnership we continue the long tradition of using military science… Continue reading

North Pole “Rightsizing”: Santa Lays off 1,200 Elves Two Weeks Before Christmas

THE NORTH POLE (SWP): ‘Twas a fortnight before Christmas and all through the North Pole, residents were stunned by the unthinkable; layoffs at Santa’s factory. Deborah Homegarden, Director of Human Resources for NP Enterprises… Continue reading

Eye of Newt: Can You Handle the Sooth?

WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP): The Republican presidential candidate, in a press conference at the National Cathedral today, took credit for the .5% decline in the unemployment rate, stating, “Last week I told Wall Street Occupiers… Continue reading

Banks Save The World?

FRANKFURT, Germany (SWP):  The world’s largest central banks joined forces to stem the mounting financial crisis and save life as we know it. Or did they? We’re told that a financial melt-down larger than the… Continue reading