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Bachmann Opines on Tornadoes

“It’s a good thing climate change is a hoax, because if it really were happening then these inexplicable and unprecedented weather events would be so much worse. Praise the Good Lord.” ST PAUL… Continue reading

Weekend Update: Couldn’t She Find a Baby to Kiss?

NEW YORK, NY. Today at a press conference Newsweek Editor-in -Chief Tina Brown released the second choice cover photo for last week’s issue featuring Michelle Bachman. The photo that was actually used stirred… Continue reading

Is This Thing On? Romney Pre-Debate Comments Captured on Bootleg Video

“… They’re both old, and gross, but that dude is extra creepy” AMES IA. High School Senior Jacob Saltzman, on a field trip with his Social Studies class, may have captured the story… Continue reading

Bachmann Turns To Overdrive: “We Don’t Want The Funk.”

AMES, IA. Newly announced presidential candidate Michele Bachmann isn’t wasting any time going after her anticipated Democratic opponent in the 2012 election. Today in Iowa she called for “a thorough investigation” of the Smithsonian’s… Continue reading

SWP Exclusive: Newt Gingrich’s Debate Notes

MANCHESTER, NH. Last night’s GOP candidate debate had few surprises.  Mitt Romney’s chin looked solid.  Michelle Bachmann announced she’s not just there for our viewing pleasure–she’s running.  Even Newt Gingrich started strong before… Continue reading

Congress Ends Tense Week: They Were ‘This’ Close to Doing Something

WASHINGTON D.C. A number of Representatives and a handful of Senators up for re-election in 2012 are breathing a sigh of relief this weekend as both houses of Congress narrowly escaped accomplishing something.… Continue reading