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Trump Tweets Picture of Trump Handwriting His Proscription List

NY, NY (SWP): The tweet came on a day when the Psychopath-elect mostly struck a positive tone on the eve of his inauguration. The announcement was accompanied by an image of Trump making… Continue reading

Small Winged Potatoes Names Person of the Year

LOS ANGELES, CA (SWP): In the world’s most anticipated year-end event, Small Winged Potatoes has announced the winner of its 2011 Person of the Year: Alec Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin did not win for… Continue reading

Woman Can’t Place Voice-Over Actor; Kicks Cat Repeatedly

GILMAN, IA. A woman watching the OWN network last night allegedly kicked her cat repeatedly in frustration after she could not recall the name of the voice over actor on a TV commercial. “Damn… Continue reading

Twitter Users Contributing to Increasing Entropy, Evangelicals Delighted

BETHESDA, MD. They post under clever names like @SteveMartinToGo, @StephenAtHome, and @GarryShandling. Well, sometimes the names are clever. Regardless, scientists say their meandering posts are behind an accelerated growth of the universe’s Entropy. “…the… Continue reading

Obama Admits Affair Governing East Timor

WASHINGTON D.C. In an apparent mid-life crisis, President Barack Obama has admitted he governed the hot, young nation of East Timor.  Apparently, his recent overseas trips were cover-stories for trips to East Timor… Continue reading