Trump Tweets Picture of Trump Handwriting His Proscription List

NY, NY (SWP): The tweet came on a day when the Psychopath-elect mostly struck a positive tone on the eve of his inauguration.

Trump Proscription TweetThe announcement was accompanied by an image of Trump making his sternest “stank face” and holding a pen perched over his not quite visible notepad. In the image, the Psychopath-elect stares into the camera, leaving no doubt in the viewer’s mind that he, Trump, is adding the viewer’s name to the list.

For those unfamiliar with the ancient practice, made into an art by Roman consuls and emperors, a Proscription is a decree of condemnation to death or banishment.

“The Psychopath-elect, soon to be Psychopath, of the United States,” related spokes-psychopath Kellyanne Conway, “wants Americans, and the world, to know that he takes his role seriously.” She gave no further explanation.

As expected, the Internet went wild with speculation of who might be on the list. Analysts agreed that John McCain, Mit Romney, and Alec Baldwin are definitely listed. As well, every Democrat in Congress not attending the inauguration.

It is further rumored that the entire roster of journalists at CNN and The New York Times are slated for at least banishment along with their families and friends.

In a seemingly coordinated but surely coincidentally-timed press conference, a shirtless Vladimir Putin, Russian Psychopath, pledged to accept any American citizens banished by Trump. “They are welcome to stay in Russia and dine on the bones of Edward Snowden,” said the well-toned dictator.

Since the tweet, Vice-psychopath-elect Mike Pence and his family have not been seen in public, leading many observers to speculate that they went into hiding in anticipation of his Proscription.