Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Suggestions for a Great New Year

FARGO, N.D. (SWP) School shootings, the fiscal cliff, unemployment, political gridlock, climate change, the ironic juxtaposition of marijuana legalization with the simultaneous disappearance of the Twinkie-life sure can look grim as we stumble… Continue reading

More Tips for Surviving the Holidays

WASHINGTON DC (SWP): Good morning. So the Mayan apocalypse was a dud, and now you have to go out and buy Christmas presents for your relatives. Expensive presents. Because the flaming e-mails you… Continue reading

Boehner and Obama Agree to Raise Taxes on Each Other

Both To Take Second Jobs WASHINGTON DC (SWP): The President and the Speaker emerged from talks at the White House and gave a joint statement on the lawn. “In the spirit of bipartisanship,… Continue reading

Shrinks & Cops to Psychos: Want To Be Remembered? Shoot Yourself First

WASHINGTON DC (SWP): Dr. Otto Von Tweedhummer and FBI Task Force Team Leader Buck Kevlar co-hosted a press conference at the Hoover Building this morning to address a now disturbingly familiar American Tableau,… Continue reading

Tips and Strategies for a Stress Free Holiday Season

BLOOMINGTON, MN (SWP): You don’t have to dread the upcoming holidays. Remember, it’s not the holidays, it’s the people in them who create the teeth grinding, stomach churning misery. A deft strategic intervention… Continue reading