Meal Kit Services Under Constant Threat Millennials Discover Grocery Stores

“These services are predicated on the fact that their customers don’t know how easy it is to buy ingredients at the local market.”


Local Man Blows First Date Before Main Course by Signalling Support for Trump

“I got excited,” said the young man, Jason Edward Aultman, shaking his head. “It just came out.”

Trump-Putin Call Transcripts Leaked

“You said, Tatars. Tee-hee.”

New Breakthroughs in Race to Categorize GOP Alternate Reality

“In GOP Alternate Reality, up is left and down is right. Or is it down is out and deficits are good? I can’t keep it straight. Whatever, it’s bizarre.”

Nunes Next Memo To Claim Robert Mueller Wears Curlers to Bed

“These memos are finally revealing the truth that heretofore was only available between the ears of Donald Trump,”

Roy Moore Wandering Past Middle Schools Not Even on Way Home

MONTGOMERY, AL (SWP): Last Tuesday was a long night for Judge Roy Moore. He narrowly lost the hotly contested Alabama Senate seat in a race that had grabbed the world’s attention for months.… Continue reading

CEOs Struggle to Deal with Tax Reform

“The company mattresses are already busting at the seams!” NEW YORK, NY (SWP): “‘Well, shit’ I told the board,” said Randall Lynn Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, “we’ll just have to buy another corporate… Continue reading

Poll: Number of Rural Americans Still Taking Trump For Real Plummets

WASHINGTON D.C. (SWP): The number of people taking Trump’s presidency for real in small towns and rural communities — many of which strongly supported him in the election — has dried up to… Continue reading

Alt-Middle Struggles to Get Noticed

It’s a shame. We really have the answers to this country’s problems.

Trump Triples Down on North Korea Threats

What we have here are two psychopathic leaders involved in an escalating ego dispute that can’t end well for humanity.